IoT Development

IoT Development


IoT development require many, disparate technologies. IoT Solutions are typically composed of complex, heterogeneous mix of IoT endpoints, Platforms, back end system and data (e.g Sensors, processors, embedded software, local and long range connectivity, middleware, apps, analytics, machine learning etc)



IoT Application requires scarce, hard-to-find specialist skills. Developers must not only be versed in their organisation’s IoT Platform and its underlying services but the big data and machine learning technologies required to make sense of real time data streams. At the same time, because of IoT Represents unchartered territory, they must collaborate with the business to experiment with new ideas and bring new solutions to market through rapid iteration



To present an enormous opportunity to reshape entire industries, our experienced M2M / IoT engineers develop the IoT Application on the top of IoT Platform to Build Many Solution which suitable per customer needs.


M2M & IoT Consultation

Our Service

Business Analyst

The Internet of Things is a broad field and includes an incredible variety of applications. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as every company has their own requirement. We will help to analyse what your company need


Specification & Design Solution

to answer from the result of the business analyst, we will provide the design to have a better solution for the IoT Requirement which can include about sensor devices, gateway, cloud, iot platform, iot application, network etc. 


The next step after designing solution, we will do some building IoT applications that combine sensor data with predictive analytics and machine learning technologies to create intelligent, context-aware and proactive user experiences.

Testing & Integration

to improve the operations and deliver result of development, we will do some testing and integration for all solutions including sensor, application, platform, network, 3rd party integrity etc


Our M2M & IoT expert will always be able to assist you if  you require any support.

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