Fleet Management

Fleet management is an industry term used in reference to a broad range of solutions for vehicle–related applications that help companies manage their fleet of commercial motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks and busses.


Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and many more.


With Fleet management:

1. we will always know where the vehicles in real time

2. we could reduce fuel cost

3. we could improve the driver behavior for safety driving

4. we could increase the workforce productivity

5. we could decide much more smarter with dashboard amd reports

6. we could connect the fleet management with the business application

E-Seal Container Tracking


To Track the container

Big Capacity Battery, Long Working Time
Satety Monitoring, Alarms For illegal Unlocking

  • ▶  IData automatic upload Time interval

  • ▶  Locating mode GPS / LBS

  • ▶  Vibration detecting Built in 3G sensor

  • ▶  Lock status monitorina mode real time monitoring

  • ▶  Unlock RFID/remote password

  • ▶  Wake up mode Call / SMS / Swiping card / Vibration Lock-string tamper

  • ▶  Lock-string tamper alarm

  • ▶  Swiping card alarm

  • ▶  Unlock alarm

  • ▶  Wrong password alarm

  • ▶  Geofence alarm 

Cooler Monitoring


  • ▶  Vehicle location, History, Mileage, Speed&Activity Monitoring

  • ▶  Driver behaviour monitoring (Eco-Drive)

  • ▶  Driver registration and identification

  • ▶  Temperature monitoring

  • ▶  Remote ignition blocking

  • ▶  Internal Geozones

  • ▶  Jamming notifications

  • ▶  Various features via SMS 

Immobilizer - Camera

  1. Key Feature

    • ▶  Supports 4 ch AHD 720p cameras

    • ▶  Supports 2 pcs SD cards for recording, total max.256GB

    • ▶  Compact design, easy to install and modulrar for easy maintenance

    • ▶  Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission

    • ▶  Supports 3G/4G, Wifi, GPS modules

    • ▶  Supports built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration detection

    • ▶  Supports 1x USB2.0. Front panel USB

    • ▶  Supports 8-36V wide range power inputm adapt to harsh environment

    • ▶  Power Supply 10 – 32 V DC

    • ▶  Data self-protection, save data when shut down abnormally 

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