Smart Street Light PJU Telkom Indonesia

We develop IoT Sensor of Street Light for Indonesian Government which will help Indonesian Government to monitor and control their street light. Helping them to monitor and controll easily within huge area in county or province and to increase the public services. With Telkom Indonesia, the incumbent Indonesian Telecommunication, we are implementing this Smart Street Light Solution using Telkom Indonesia LoRa WAN.

Smart Street Light Installation - LoRa Telkom Indonesia

Testing LoRa Class C Smart Street Light - Telkom Indonesia

Sensor Smart PJU Street Light

Sensor Implementation Using LoRa 


Sensors are designed using LoRa 

Monitor On-Off Lamp real time

Remote Control On- Off Lamp real time

Notification Alert if any Lamp On or Off



Easy to Install

Take aroun 10-20 minutes per Lamp

Connect directly at Existing Lamp 

No Modification or Changing New Lamp


Monitor & Control in one Single Dasboard

Monitor Power Consumption (KWH)

Cheap Connectivity using LoRa WAN

Reduce Operational Cost in field

Incerasing Public Services




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