IoT Efficiency Energy

Smart Store Efficiency Energy Management with Predictive Control

Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Freezer, Chiller & Lightning are account for significant portion of energy cost for Retail Store.

  1. Electricity bills is the biggest component of operational cost in most of Retail Store Building
  2. Many of them have no or less visibility on energy consumption profile of their equipment thus bring uncertainty where to start on saving initiatives
  3. Currently many store building operation have no proactive alerting system for preventive/corrective maintenance to avoid electrical system breakdown and for longer equipment usage lifetime


Intelligent Energy Management:

The Solution System will use integrated sensors to control all Electric equipment. The System takes a variety of factors into account: Temperature, power consumption, hours of operation etc.

From all of this information a tailored, optimum control strategy is developed for each store which regulated predictively with focus on high energy efficiency.

All Electric Equipment can be monitored and  maintained easily so it can be operated longer

Sensor Smart Energy Efficiency

There will be Sensors:  Infrared -Temperature & Humidity AC Sensor, Power Monitoring AC & Chiller, Temperature Chiller, Room Temperature Light Sensor, Door Sensor & Movement Sensor

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