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The IoT  Platform is a suite of components that enable:
Deployment of applications that monitor, manage and control connected devices
Remote data collection from connected devises
Independent and secure connectivity between devices
Device/sensor management
Collect, visualise and analyse data
Integration with 3rd party system


IoT platforms help:

1. Connect hardware
2. Handle different communication protocols
3. Provide security and authentication for devices and users
4. Collect, visualize, and analyze data
5. Integrate with other web services


IoT platforms exist to help businesses overcome technical challenges without the need to figure it all out in-house.


ThingWorx is the purpose-built IoT platform that enables rapid creation of complete applications for smart, connected world. Its unique Thing Model framework allows it to seamlessly integrate with other technologies, including Augmented Reality (ThingWorx Studio) and Industrial Connectivity (Kepware).


Based on ABI Research, Thingworx is the leading of Smart Platform Manufacture 4.0












Smart City Platform


Thingworx For Smart Building 


WaterGroup & Thingworx Augmented Reality Smart Metering


Thingworx Manufacturing Apps 



ThingWorx is a proven industrial innovation platform that enables the quick and easy creation of industrial IoT application and AR experiences.


ThingWorx automates complex industrial IoT analytical processes and delivers real-time insights, predictions and prescriptions.




ThingWorx delivers capabilities to define, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of connected devices, processes and systems.




ThingWorx connects disparate devices, systems and applications, providing access to multiple sources of data for industrial IoT applications and AR experiences.




ThingWorx delivers a powerful platform for creating, deploying and consuming industrial IoT applications and game-changing AR experiences.


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