IoT Platform & Application

IoT Platform

The IoT  Platform is a suite of components that enable:
Deployment of applications that monitor, manage and control connected devices
Remote data collection from connected devises
Independent and secure connectivity between devices
Device/sensor management
Collect, visualise and analyse data
Integration with 3rd party system

IoT Platform Function

IoT platforms help:

1. Connect hardware
2. Handle different communication protocols
3. Provide security and authentication for devices and users
4. Collect, visualize, and analyze data
5. Integrate with other web services

IoT Platform & Application

IoT Application

We develop an IoT Application on the top of IoT Platform. We manage the asset or device. We Monitor and Control Device. The Application will be based on Customer Requirement, it can be for smart health, smart energy efficiency, smart home, smart street light and many other applications.

IoT Dashboard Application

The Dashboard we create based on User needs. It can be used for Monitoring and Controlling Asset or Device. The Dashboard will help customer not only monitoring or controlling but also can used as analitic for user to take some faster decision. With the Dashboard can give possibility user to see Information from  the top till bottom level.


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