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for the Internet of Things revolution, featuring analytics, predictive maintenance and enhanced insights to help customers to have more efficiency in business, reducing cost and increasing revenue..


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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is the systemic transformation of manufacturing enabled by the convergence of physical-digital systems to improve quality, lower costs and increase efficiency







Digital Engineering Journey


The redefined nature and pase of competition in the IoT era means that organizations must respond better and faster to customer feedback, while product cycles must be more frequent and driven by real-time insights. Transforming the way that your organiztaion engineers will help you succed in the IoT era





Digital Transformation in Manufacturing


Manufacturing is experiencing a significant transformation with digital and IoT Solutions enabling a digital thread solution, connecting enterprise applications as well as machine data. This digital across engineering and manufacturing creates an unbroken collection of data woven through the value chain and new IoT Solutions bring in new value opportunities with real time visibility, predictive analytics and augmented reality experiences.





Retail Transformation Journey


Maximize your competitiveness and ability to quickly sense and respond to market trends and supply chain opportunities


The Need for Speed

Being fast to market with on-trend and on-cost products is essential.


Complex Supply Chains made simple

Get the most out of your suppy chain to respond quickly to market and consumer demands, while reducing cost and risk.


Top Tips to improve your fast-fashion strategy

The digital consumer and fast-fashion are redefining retail. Designing products that consumer want and bringin them to market quicky, is more complex and competitive than ever-according to recent research from Deloitte, speed to market has become the top market prressure for retailers. Learn how you can leverage connected PLM to improve speed to market





Service Transformation Journey


Drive Unprecedented value for your customers and your organization by redefining the entire service model.


Increase Revenue and Reduced Overhead

According to IDC, business from Automative to Aerospace are using the IoT to transform their aftermarket service strategies.


As product complexity and customer expectations increase, technicians struggle to retain whaat they know of existing products and customers. This present obstacles when you want to deliver the best possible servic at the lowest possible price.


Optimzed service delivery significantly improves your technician's efficiency by leveraging content from engineering sources and viusal guidance tools such as augmented reality. Work Order creation is automated, and integrated workflows create, manage, and deliver asset-specific, contextual service content. Connected assets are remotely monitored, empowering your technicians to access them and preempt problems or provide remote service immediately. When a service visit is needed, your technician understands the issue, has the right skills and parts, and can get high-quality service information white on site.


This precise service coordination allows for:


1. Increase service technician productivity

2. Significant improvement of first time fix rate (FTFR)

3. Minimal equipment downtime

4. Lower field service workforce cost

5. Reduced mean time to repair




Internet of Things - Smart IoT Solution - We Deliver the Future


IoT - Internet of Things


The "Internet of things" (IoT) is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. ... Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).


the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.


Internet of Things - Smart IoT Solution - We Deliver the Future


IoT Prediction


Estimates and projections of the current and future number of internet-connected objects vary, depending on the definitions used and the optimism of whoever is doing the estimating and projecting. The best-known figures come from Cisco, which puts the current (February 2015) number at around 14.8 billion and the expected number in 2020 at around 50 billion (and that's just 2.77 percent of an estimated 1.8 trillion potentially connectable 'things')


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